100% Made in the USA

Our cabinets are 100% American made. Cardell manufactures their cabinets from start to finish here in the USA. That means that your cabinets will be:




finished in the 8 step finishing process,

individually boxed and shipped to you.

Our Cardell Cabinets are NOT imported cabinets that are shipped after they are put together. You will find numerous sites that offer assembled cabinets. Please do your research. You will understand that most sell imported cabinets and assemble them. They deceive their customers by selling assembled cabinets,  but they don’t disclose that they are imported RTA cabinets that they simply put together. They are cheap Chinese cabinets that are put together and shipped. They arent KCMA certified, so you have no idea how long they will last. Why buy junk? Get educated and buy from us! You know you will receive a quality American made cabinet at KitchenCabinets.co!

At KitchenCabinets.co we ONLY sell 100% made in the US kitchen cabinets. Our cabinets go through an 8 step furniture finish process and are KCMA certified for finish and environmental stewardship.

  • Cardell Cabinets are KCMA Certified
  • Cardell Cabinets are KCMA Certified
  • Cardell Cabinetry Environmental Stewardship
  • Cardell Cabinetry is Green!




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